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The greatest brands of pianos were born in Germany land of great tradition of high quality and technology. The Niedermeyer with its 60.000 mqs imposed on the market proposing tradition, quality and high technology.

It is important to underline the technical progress. After numerous efforts during the years, the Niedermeyer used the collaboration of high specialized staff, engaging skilled American and European builders as technical advisors and has introduced advanced foreign technology in the production, with the consequent improvement of the quality of the pianos and the development both on the social and on the economic plan. Thanks to a constant job, has developed a new system producing first-quality articles as the pianos 186, 152, 132, 131, 125, 122, 121, 120, etc. able to satisfy consumers demands of different levels.
Thanks to a strict technical and quality controls and making the ISO 9001 (2000) for its system control, gained the certificate both on national and foreign territory, guaranting the constant improvement of the quality of the products.



The classical line in European style, the perfect technology, the strict selection of materials, the careful elaboration, assure the quality of products, distinguishing itself for the stable acoustic fidelity, good resonance, great volume, sweet and soft tone, rich sense of gradation, sensitive keys, natural and unified range. They have, therefore, a superior acoustic quality.


Most of main parts are made from Germany or from Japan
1) Renner hammer
2) German steel Roslau
3) Keyboards realized with high quality pine wood
4) Bridges made of high quality maple wood, that is a good conductor of vibrations.
5) German technique is used for mechanics, that have easy and comfortable tactile transmissions
6) Harmonic tables are of red fir of Tibet
7) For the cover is used the hydraulic pressure. There are no dangers for children that use piano


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